Formation for Holy Orders


This program is purposed for formation for the Deaconate and Priesthood (Presbytery) within an Eastern Christian context. This is particularly defined and developed for the Eastern Rite Connexion of the Convergent Christian Communion. 

The program is comprised of four semester modules. Each semester the readings and assignments are organized into three to four courses.  The program is designed around a reading list with written assignments, a liturgical practicum, and regular meetings with a mentor/facilitator (via Zoom). When a cohort is available some of these meetings will be in a group setting (via zoom).  The program is also built to be customized to the student's background and context. The program can take from 1 to three years to finish.

Completion of the program does not guarantee ordination. Ordinations are at the discretion of respective jurisdictions and their  Bishops. 

An overview of the Program with links for purchasing the readings can be found below. 

Outline of Formation to Holy Orders Program 


Q. How do I apply for this program?
A. Currently if you are interested in the program contact Fr Basil via email via inclusiveorthodoxy (at)   In the future, there will be a short application. There is currently no application fee 
Q. How long will this program take?
A. The program is designed around a 1-2 year course of study. However, the program is also tailored around the background and context of each student so that may vary. Much of the work is self-paced / paced with your mentor or cohort so completion time could vary. 
Q. What are the costs associated with this program? 
A. Currently, there no cost for 'tuition' ..
There are books that will need to be purchased. Part of the book selection is to begin a library a clergy person would need to develop. 
Q. Is this an accredited program? 
A. No, this is a formation program for a religious community. 

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