Programs and Badges

OCMR has training programs and courses. Some of these classes or self-guided, some are for use in parish educational and training programs, and others are facilitated by a teacher/mentor. 

Formation for Holy Orders

This program is purposed for formation for the Deaconate and Priesthood (Presbytery) within an Eastern Christian context. This is particularly defined and developed for the Eastern Rite Connexion of the Convergent Christian Communion. 

The program is comprised of four semester modules. Each semester consists of 3 classes each.  The program is designed around a reading list with some assignments and a regular meeting with a mentor/facilitator. 

Completion of the program does not guarantee ordination. Ordinations are at the discretion of respective jurisdictions and their  Bishops. 

Click here for an Overview of this Program 

Church Leadership: 

These short programs are purposed to help train and equip church leaders and help develop a strong parish or ministry. These can be used individually or as a part of a larger program. These are primarily for use by parishes in the formation and development of leaders and laypersons serving in ministry. 

These are organized in programs/badges. When the sequence of courses is completed and passed a badge and certificate will be issued

Leadership - A set of materials for  ministry and lay leadership 

Parish Council - Training for new Parish council or church board members 

Ministry Team Process- A process or organizing a parish with courses in church admin, organization, and ministry formation

Personal and Community Formation and Edification 

These programs are intended for individual edification and formation. These can also be used to aid or as the basis of classes, Bible studies, church studies, and educational programs in parishes. 

OCMR does not offer accredited programs.

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